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Who are we?

Circuit Clinical is an Integrated Research Organization bringing clinical trials to private practices across the country. Over the last five years we have partnered with 30+ multi-specialty physician practices and multiple Accountable Care Organizations, bringing trials to more than 2.5 million patients.

With telehealth adoption on the rise, there is a tremendous opportunity to become an investigator for virtual clinical trials. Our TeleResearch Network offers the training, turn-key backoffice support, and continuous professional development education to get started.

Built for Doctors, by Doctors

My name is Dr. Irfan Khan, Founder and CEO of Circuit Clinical. I’m a board-certified cardiac electrophysiologist who has served as a principal investigator on both therapeutic and device clinical trials for more than a decade.

How It Works

We make it easy to get started in virtual clinical trials. Our team of dedicated medical, legal, and regulatory staff take care of the backend work so that you can focus on the participants. With our network, you’ll get to provide clinical trials as a care option with more flexibility and the support of a team that has been doing trials for years.


Platform Training

After joining the network, our team will guide you through the full online training and onboarding process.


Trial Matching

We match you with virtual trial opportunities that fit your interests. You won’t have to worry about finding new trials or waiting weeks between projects.


Begin Seeing Participants

Start providing clinical research as a care option from wherever you please and get paid fair market value per trial.

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Benefits of Joining

Early Access

Our network is invite-only to ensure a high quality experience for you throughout the onboarding process.

A Turnkey Solution

We take care of all of the hassle and fully support you through the entire process. New to research? We’re here for you.

Earn Revenue

Add a new revenue stream to your bottom line. We provide compensation for training as well as fair market value per trial.

Backed by Established Industry Leaders

As a founding member of the Decentralized Trials Research Alliance, we’re collaborating with key stakeholders to accelerate implementation, promote collaboration, and share best practices.

We’re strategically partnered to bring Covance trials directly to you and provide participant referrals from LabCorp health systems and our own network.

Let’s transform the clinical trials landscape together to be better for patients and doctors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What background do I need? We are looking for physicians in multi-therapeutic areas and specialties to cover different potential incoming trials.
Do I need research experience? You do not need to have direct previous research experience, but we are looking for physicians looking to embrace and learn new technologies and platforms to transform the research industry.
How does the training process work? We will walk you through the training process and get you set up with the proper research credentials needed.
Does it matter where I live? One of the benefits of the TeleResearch Network is that you can live anywhere, and work anywhere. We are inviting doctors to join from all over the country to participate.
Does it matter what state I'm licensed in? Yes, you need to be licensed in the state that you are practicing in. You can be licensed and practice in multiple states. We are looking for a full range of physicians in every state.
How much of my time will this need? There are approx 7-9 non-consecutive hours of compensated onboarding and training, and each clinical trial will have its own time needs.
Will my health system let me do this? It is worth the ask! Do they allow other types of moonlighting? The TeleResearch Network is an independently run revenue stream that you can work around your schedule.
What are the logistics for tele-notes? All notes, documentation, and records will be hosted on a user-friendly research platform. You will learn the entire process during your study protocol onboarding.
How will this impact my taxes? All Physicians will be Independent Contractors and will receive a 1099 form at the end of the year.
Will I have to recruit participants? No, all recruitment will be taken care of by the Circuit Clinical process.
How much will I be compensated? This will depend on trial, but you will be paid fair market value for your time. You will also be compensated for your training and onboarding time.